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Daily News Brief 03.12.12
Posted by Jacob Worrell on March 12

Here are some of today's top stories and happenings at IAVA.  Prefer to receive real-time updates about major stories and legislation that IAVA is tracking? Follow us on Twitter @IAVAPressRoom and click here to get the News Brief delivered to your inbox every morning.


1) U.S. Sergeant Is Said To Kill 16 Civilians In Afghanistan

A U.S. Army sergeant has been arrested in Panjwai province for the suspected murder of 16 Afghan civilians early Sunday morning. Coming on the heels of a Koran burning incident February 20, the killings have thrown doubt on the U.S. exit strategy as officials struggle to contain the damage and reassure their Afghan allies. IAVA issued a statement condemning the killings and calling for a full investigation.


2) Webb introduces legislation to preserve Post-9/11 G.I. Bill

A group of lawmakers has introduced a bill designed to protect the integrity of the post-9/11 GI Bill. The Military and Veterans Educational Reform Act of 2012 would provide more careful monitoring of schools that receive GI Bill payments, including for-profit schools, which have been accused of deceptive recruiting practices. Veterans can visit IAVA's to get the latest information and tools related to higher education.


3) Returning veterans fight for the civilian jobs they left behind

On Friday, IAVA posted a blog that analyzed February unemployment numbers, which at 7.6 percent was lower than the national average for the first time since August 2010. New veteran unemployment has dropped for two months straight, but too many new veterans remain unemployed or underemployed after serving in the Armed Forces.



  • Another avalanche has devastated a village in the province of Nuristan, killing at least 45 Afghans.
  • The Taliban has vowed revenge for the killing of 16 civilians in Panjwai province by a U.S. soldier.



  • The USS Enterprise, the world’s largest naval vessel and the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, left port on Sunday for its last combat tour.
  • Suicides in the U.S. Army have risen by 80% since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, according to a new study.


  • Army veteran Heath Calhoun won his first medal in the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Alpine Skiing World Cup.
  • A military family in Arkansas has lost two sons to the war in Afghanistan, while a third continues to serve in the Marine Corps.
  • Dozens of wounded warriors tried out for the Warrior Games, a joint program organized by the DOD and the U.S. Olympic Committee's Paralympic Military Program.


  • Senator Burr has written a letter to the authors of a government report on toxicity at Camp Lejeune, expressing concern that the results were inaccurate.