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Daily News Brief 03.20.12
Posted by Jacob Worrell on March 20

Here are some of today's top stories and happenings at IAVA.  Prefer to receive real-time updates about major stories and legislation that IAVA is tracking? Follow us on Twitter @IAVAPressRoom and click here to get the News Brief delivered to your inbox every morning.


1) U.S. Offers Concessions on Afghan Night Raids

A longstanding bone of contention between Afghan and American officials may be resolved with a new U.S concession. The Obama administration has tentatively discussed placing night raids under the jurisdiction of Afghan judges, who would issue warrants to U.S. forces. U.S. commanders view night raids as one of their most valuable tools in the fight against the insurgency. 


2) The Military Path to Justice Could Be Lengthy

The arrest of Staff Sergeant Robert Bales has led to heightened interest in UCMJ protocol and military trials. The military justice system is flexible yet deliberate, and a trial could take several years. Pentagon officials have not ruled out the death penalty in the case of SSG Bales.


3) Holly Petraeus makes her own mark on the military

Gen. David Petraeus is well known for his achievements on the battlefield, but his wife Mrs. Holly Petraeus is famous in her own right. Holly Petraeus has been a tireless advocate for military families and veterans, first as the wife of a division commander, and now as head of the Office of Service Member Affairs.



  • The Army’s 1st Infantry Division is assuming command of eastern Afghanistan as the last fighting season led by U.S. troops approaches.
  • On Monday, a CNN correspondent explores why so much attention has been paid to the alleged Kandahar shooter and not the victims of the shooting.
  • Former New York Times columnist Les Gelb writes that President Obama will not accelerate the Afghan withdrawal, no matter how popular the anti-war movement becomes.




  • The work of Tim Hetherington will be posthumously represented in a major exhibition in New York City next month.
  • Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer is in Kentucky helping tornado victims.
  • After surviving an IED explosion in Iraq, a former Marine and his military working dog are reunited in New York.