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IAVA Daily Brief 4.29.11
Posted by Isabel Black on April 29

Here are some of today's top stories and happenings at IAVA. Prefer to receive real-time updates about major stories and legislation that IAVA is tracking? Follow us on Twitter @IAVAPressRoom or subscribe at


1) Video: Hollywood honors new vets

On April 27th, Hollywood came together to support our nation’s newest veterans and their families at IAVA’s Third Annual Heroes Celebration in Los Angeles. At the Celebration, IAVA honored the work of Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington, filmmakers of the Oscar-nominated documentary Restrepo with the inaugural Leadership in Entertainment Award. The event was a huge success and brought together Hollywood’s finest actors, producers, directors and agents including Bradley Cooper, Kathy Griffin, Sebastian Junger, Nick Styne, Norman Lear, Oliver Stone, Tim Disney, Henry Rollins and more. KCAL, the local CBS affiliate, covered the event.

2) Marine’s suicide renews focus on military families

Clay Hunt’s suicide last month has inspired a new campaign designed to help prevent other suicides and has placed a renewed focus on military families, veterans and suicide prevention. Clay’s mother, Susan Selke, his friend Jake Wood and Alison Buckholtz, a military wife, spoke with NPR about Clay, military suicides and the new program.

3) Amid Royal Wedding hoopla, remembering veterans on both sides of the Atlantic

Prince William wore an officer’s uniform at his wedding this morning. But one thing that has been noticeably missing from the media’s coverage of the royal wedding is the awareness the future monarch is raising about issues facing new war veterans on both sides of the Atlantic, writes IAVA Member Veteran, Don Gomez.


  • US aid officials have been forced to delay three large development programs intended to support the American military strategy in southern Afghanistan at a critical, make or break moment in the war.

  • Faced with daunting bills and uncertain about the United States’ long-term commitment to fund the Afghan army and police, President Hamid Karzai is considering a military draft to replace the all-volunteer force being built in Afghanistan.

  • IRAQ

    • A suicide bomber on Thursday attacked a large Shiite mosque in Diyala Province, killing at least 12 people and wounding dozens, according to an Iraqi security official.


      • Analysts and sources say a combination of experience working with the CIA in the field and political considerations are behind President Barack Obama’s expected nomination of General David Petraeus to be the next director of the CIA.

      • Looking to quash complaints about the treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning, Army officials are inviting reporters to Fort Leavenworth, KS, to visit the military prison where the man accused of sharing classified documents with WikiLeaks is being held.


        • Congressman McKeon, the Chair of the House Armed Service Committee, writes in an op-ed in USA Today that President Obama’s plan to cut $400 billion from the defense budget over 12 years is too dramatic in a time of war.

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